Discord Server December Contest – Winners

“As the light gains purchase, spirits are lifted and purpose is made clear.”

Thursday January 01, 1970

The two contests concluded on December 20th at 5pm (PST). There were 10 art entries and 7 trinket crafting entries. We are continuously amazed at the talent of our community! See below for the contest winners, all entries, and next contest. 

Thursday January 01, 1970

Art Contest Winners:

Thursday January 01, 1970

First:Merry Dismas by happi ♔ (Pictured Above)Second:The Ancester Makes for a Good Christmas Tree by Welp

Third:There Arose Such A Clatter by GoldenYak

Other Entries:

The Christmas Court by mr pogi

The First Darkest Christmas by Hunting-Star(Comic Artist)

An Inspiring Carol by Novi

Flagellant Christmas Tree by Trollo

Maddening Christmas by [eaned] SRL

A Winter Eve’s Tale by WhisperingWillow

Ugly Sweater Party by kaxen

Trinket Crafting Contest Winners:

First:Glittering Spaulders by Merciful Maid

Second:Ashen Distillation by kaxen

Third:Reversible Moon/Sun Cloack by mrs. canon grave robber v2

Other Entries:

Blight Charm by DotDash

Archer’s Ring by Heresy

Stun Amulet by Emw

HM’s Cudgel by @Mousemysak

Next Contest

Darkest Mod Contest in January!Theme: Winter or CelebrationYou can do any type of mod you want; new character, skin, boss, trinkets, curios, background, etc. Whichever you think you will have time for.  Mod must be a complete, functioning and accessible on the DD Steam Workshop. Multiple people are allowed to work on one project as a team.  Individuals are allowed to work on more than one project (e.g., do art for more than one mod).  The same group of people are only allowed to do 1 mod together. Mod must follow the #code-of-conduct. Pre-existing mods are not allowed, mod must be a new mod created only for the DD Modding Contest (starting from Nov 18th). All team members must be properly credited for their work. If doing a skin mod, it can be a skin for an already existing mod character, as long as it is credited.  No claiming someone else’s mod for your own, you will be disqualified and potentially banned.Prizes:Each Collaborator from the winning Mods will receive a prize.: Diorama, CE (Switch, Ps4, PsVita), Signed Artprint: Diorama, Ancestral DD (switch, steam, ps4): DioramaDates:Signup: Nov 25th – Jan 24th Submission: Jan 19th – Jan 24th Voting: Jan 24th – Jan 31st Dates, times, and prizes are subject to change.Thank you to everyone for your continued support. To join the Darkest Dungeon Discord Server, click here.